How to Apply
Yes, you need to have a permanent U.S. residence to apply for the Club Carlson Visa Card. This ensures the bank is able to verify your information for a credit card. Of course, you can use your Club Carlson Visa card worldwide.
Yes, however, if you do not currently have a Club Carlson member number, one will be assigned to you upon application and approval of the card. All of your Club Carlson Gold Points® will accumulate to one Gold Points account with Club Carlson.
If no Club Carlson number was provided at the time of application, one was assigned to you. Contact Club Carlson to combine your accounts.
No, the primary Club Carlson cardmember’s name must match the Club Carlson  member name and associated member number.  If you’d like additional cards for a family member, please call 800-236-4012.
Please call 800-947-1444 and choose option 1 for the status of an application. For your security, you will be required to enter your social security number to locate the application. Additional verification item(s) may be needed to validate.
Once approved, you should receive your card within 7-10 business days.
Exclusive Rewards
Each card has its own exclusive benefits and includes earning Club Carlson Gold Points for every purchase made using your card at millions of locations that accept Visa credit cards. These points are combined in your Club Carlson account with Gold Points earned including hotel stays at participating Carlson Rezidor hotels worldwide.

Personal Cards

Business Cards

Learn more about how to redeem Gold Points at
Learn more about managing your Gold Points through
You will receive a Free Night if you charged US $10,000 or more in Net Purchases (purchases minus credits and returns) on the Account during the 12-month statement cycle period immediately prior to the annual anniversary of your Account opening date.
Once you qualify for the Free Night you will receive an email from Club Carlson with an E-Cert code. You can then use this E-Cert code to book your free night at The Free Night E-Cert may also be accessed from your online account at
Yes, Free Night may only be redeemed for advance reservations.
Yes, the Club Carlson member must make the reservation and be the traveler to receive the Free Night.
Cancelation fees are disclosed when booking and will apply if the room isn’t canceled by the time stated when booking the reservation.
You will earn one Free Night each year only if you renew your Card by paying the Annual Fee (if applicable to your Card program) and charge a minimum of $10,000 in purchases on your card in the prior 12-month period.
Contact Club Carlson Member Service at 1-888-288-8889.
After you qualify for Elite status with the Card, you will continue to maintain the Elite status for as long as your account is open and in good standing.
Basic Card Facts
The APR is competitive for credit cards that offer rewards. You pay no interest on purchases (see terms below) when you pay your bill in full by the payment due date each month.

Personal Cards

Business Cards

No, in addition to using your Club Carlson Visa card at any Carlson Rezidor hotel worldwide, including: Quorvus Collection, Radisson Blu®, Radisson®, Radisson RED, Park Plaza®, Park Inn® by Radisson, and Country Inns & Suites By CarlsonSM, your card can be used to make purchases at any of the millions of places that accept Visa.
Club Carlson Gold Points will be awarded to the business owner who applied for the card and whose Club Carlson member number appears on the  account.
You can access your Card account from any Internet-enabled computer. Learn More.
ScoreBoard Reporting
ScoreBoard is a free online tool that allows you to monitor your Club Carlson Visa credit card spending through the use of easy-to-read charts and graphs, helping to trend spending patterns over various time periods. ScoreBoard also offers additional reports that help you better manage your Club Carlson Visa credit card spending overall.
ScoreBoard is FREE for all Club Carlson Visa cardmembers that have an Online Banking account.
ScoreBoard is updated once a month, by the fifth business day.
No. ScoreBoard does not replace your current Club Carlson Visa credit card statement.  ScoreBoard will replace the Annual Account Summary that was delivered each year through Online Banking. ScoreBoard is a supplemental tool that provides a combined overview of your credit card spending activity, plus additional reports to help manage your card spending overall.
ScoreBoard uses U.S. Bank-defined categories and only includes purchases and returns from your [PARTNER NAME] credit card. Financial management software like QuickBooks may include a broader picture of your finances.
There is a rolling 36 months’ worth of history available within ScoreBoard. Select the time periods you wish to compare through various date controls found on the Spend or Reports tab.

Yes. You can print the report in one of two ways. To print the page you are viewing, select Print from the ScoreBoard navigation bar and it will launch the print function from your browser menu. ScoreBoard will print the entire Spend or Reports page.

To download or save the Spend or Reports information available within ScoreBoard, select Download from the ScoreBoard navigation bar. Then select the format (i.e., PDF, Image, XLS [Version 2000 or later] or CSV).

To download or save a report, select a Download option from the radio buttons available in the report criteria section.

Yes. You can download the information from Scoreboard into Microsoft Excel, PDF, HTML or CSV format and then import into these systems. For information on importing data into QuickBooks, visit QuickBooks support.
ScoreBoard includes purchases and returns associated with your Club Carlson Visa credit card.
These transaction types are excluded from your Total Spending because they may result in an overstatement of your Total Spending.
Visa® has assigned every merchant to a specific category or classification. When you make a credit card purchase, U.S. Bank receives this classification along with information about your purchase, and we use this classification to categorize your transaction. If a merchant is a large company with many different departments, we cannot specify the department from which the item was purchased.
No. All transactions are automatically categorized based upon the U.S. Bank defined categories.
Other Benefits
Users that are unable to download files or view online statements should change the 'Do not Save Encrypted Pages Setting' in the Security section. To change this setting:
  1. Go to: Tools > Internet Options
  2. Select the Advanced tab
  3. Scroll down to the Security section and uncheck 'Do not Save Encrypted Pages to Disk' setting
The EMV microchip card is now available and offers increased security and better acceptance when traveling to Canada and overseas, while continuing to work with ease for payments within the U.S. This rapidly expanding technology is already in use or being implemented in 130 countries around the globe. If you’re an existing Club Carlson Visa Cardmember planning a trip to Canada, Mexico or any other foreign country and your card doesn't have the EMV microchip, call the Cardmember Service number located above the magnetic stripe on the back of your card (800-236-4012 Consumer or 800-236-7546 Business) to request a replacement card 30 days prior to leaving on your trip.


We may change APRs, fees and other Account terms in the future based on your experience with U.S. Bank National Association and its affiliates as provided under the Cardmember Agreement and applicable law.

U.S. Bank and Club Carlson reserve the right to change, modify, restrict, waive, cancel and/or terminate the Card Benefit Program, including the Card Benefit Program rules, or any features, benefits or aspects of the Card Benefit Program at any time without prior notice.

The creditor and issuer of this Card is U.S. Bank National Association, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.

Subject to credit approval.

Rules for the Club Carlson Visa Program & Benefits ("Card Benefit Program")
By using your Club Carlson Visa credit card account ("Account"), you acknowledge and agree to be bound by these Card Benefit Program rules as published in the Benefit Guide. These Card Benefit Program rules are in addition and subject to additional terms and restrictions as set forth in the Cardmember Agreement ("Agreement") and the Club Carlson Program Terms and Conditions. Account must be open and in good standing to earn and redeem rewards and benefits. Upon approval, please refer to your Rewards Program Rules for additional information. The creditor and issuer of this Card is U.S. Bank National Association ("U.S. Bank," "we," "us," and "our"), pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. As used herein, “you”, “your” and “the business owner” means the individual who executed the application for credit and, where applicable, requested that we issue one or more Card(s) for employee(s) and “Cardmember” means the business owner and any employee(s) to whom we have issued a Card.

Club Carlson Program:  The primary Cardmember (for Business Reward Accounts, the business owner) must be a Club Carlson member and the Cardmember's name must match the name on the Club Carlson account. A primary Cardmember (for Business Reward Accounts, the business owner) who is not an existing Club Carlson member at the time of Account application will be enrolled in the Club Carlson program as part of the Account application.  Gold Points from separately enrolled Accounts may not be combined into one Club Carlson account.

For Business Reward Accounts, Gold Points may be earned by all Cardmembers and will be pooled to one Gold Points balance in the business owner’s Club Carlson account. Certain bonus Gold Point offers may be earned solely by the business owner, as specified in the offer terms. The business owner will have the sole authority to redeem the pooled Gold Points.  Except with respect to Gold Points earned on Accounts issued to one or more employees that are pooled in the business owner’s Club Carlson account, Gold Points from separately enrolled Accounts may not be combined onto one Club Carlson account.  All Card benefits are available solely for the business owner.

Club Carlson participation, including the earning and redeeming of Gold Points and all other membership benefits and features are subject to the Club Carlson Terms and Conditions and privacy policy available at Specific benefits and services offered at individual hotels may vary, may not be available at all hotels and are subject to change. Free award nights (with no blackout dates) are for standard rooms only, are subject to availability, and the number of Gold Points required vary based on the applicable hotel category for hotel requested.

If there is any abuse of the Card Benefit Program, failure to follow the Card Benefit Program rules, or any misrepresentation by a Cardmember, all Gold Point balances, including any Gold Points not yet transferred to Club Carlson, may be forfeited without liability, no additional Gold Points shall accumulate, and any other Card Benefit Program benefits may be immediately discontinued. We reserve the right to approve, deny or revoke participation in the Card Benefit Program to any individual for any reason whatsoever.


U.S. Bank and Club Carlson reserve the right to change, modify, restrict, waive, cancel and/or terminate the Card Benefit Program, including the Card Benefit Program rules, or any features, benefits or aspects of the Card Benefit Program at any time without prior notice.

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